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About Us

Arqavan Gandom FarAvard

Arghvan Gandam Farvard Manufacturing and Trading Company started its activity in 2010/2010 as a partner and investor in Fars Glucazine Production Cooperative under the title of Henrour sales office in Shiraz city and by using the factor of high quality of products as well as pricing Adhering to the principles of customer orientation, he succeeded in attracting valuable customers in the market.
In 1401, with the aim of promoting the Arghvan brand in the domestic and foreign markets and developing the export and import of products made from valuable grains, wheat and corn, as well as providing better services to its valuable customers, Arghvan Gandam Farvard Company was registered.We are proud to announce to our dear customers that we are ready to provide products including starch and gluten and raw materials for livestock, poultry and aquatic feed from wheat and corn, with quality and quantity assurance, in all three fields of physical, chemical and microbial analysis.


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starch Gluten bran
Pure starch is a white, tasteless, odorless powder that is insoluble in cold water or alcohol. Starch is the main compound for storing glucose in plants, which consists of thousands of repeating units of glucose. Starch originally belongs to plants and is not synthesized in animals, but products that are rich in starch are the main source of nutrition for humans and other animals.
Gluten has become very controversial these days. Many claim that gluten is completely safe except for people with celiac disease. On the other hand, some health experts believe that gluten is harmful for many people.
Brown or white rice bran refers to the shell of grains that is usually removed from them due to finishing operations and production of the final product.