Trade and export of gluten

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.Vital wheat gluten is a high-grade protein in fine powder extracted from a high quality wheat flour

The drying process is carefully regulated and controlled in order to preserve its original unique characteristics
such as elasticity and extensibility. Dry gluten regains its original characteristics when mixed with water
readily forms a cohesive and elastic dough. The water absorption ability and the viscoelasticity have been
.related to vitality

.Vital wheat gluten contains mainly two groups of proteins namely gliadins and glutenins
Gliadins have a lower molecular weight and behave as viscous liquid, while glutenins are able to form
polymeric networks and act as cohesive elastic solid. Both gliadins and glutenins contribute to the viscoelastic
properties of wheat dough. A long “stretch” with retention of an excellent elasticity are the two
.most importan properties

The flavour and taste of gluten is almost neutral, the colour is natural creamy
.it has a high waterbinding capacity and a constant quality


:Vital wheat gluten can be applied
„„ For special bread and bakery products in which the protein content needs to be higher
An adition of 2-5 % to the flour will give a bettertexture and crumb strength, a superior loaf
quality as well a bigger volume; and extended shelf-life of baked goods. Moreover the mechanical
processing of the dough is improved by adding gluten

„„ In bakeries as a flour quality improver applied in small quantities

„„ To fortify low-protein flour to increase dough strenght, gas retention and texture in baked products

„„ To standardize wheat flour produced from particular wheat varieties of mainly non-European origin
This is usually done in order to satisfy specific needs of the modern milling and food industry for certain flour applications

„„ In breakfast foods, like gluten bread or biscuits to enrich in proteins

„„ For products based on meat as a binder of various components like water and fats and as a protein source in addition of meat protein

„„ In breakfast cereals

„„ In snacks

„„ In soups and sauces

„„ In dough products

„„ As exchanger for milk protein e.g. in cheese products

„„ In protein foam products

„„ As a protein source and binder in pet food and fish fodder


:The benefits of animal corn gluten

Useful and valuable feed for poultry and livestock and resistant to animal diseases-
  gluten strengthens the egg color-
 It has a high value due to its high protein content-